Invitation for Quotations
Provision of Legal Services for one of eBRAM’s Lawtech projects

eBRAM is in the course of developing and enhancing the capability of the legal profession to harness modern technology in the provision of legal and dispute resolution services.

External legal services are now required by eBRAM for one of the Lawtech projects. The external legal counsel(s) are expected to provide the following services with respect to the project:

  • (a) Reviewing, perusing and considering documents and materials related to the project;
  • (b) Advising eBRAM on the legal issues surrounding the project;
  • (c) Reviewing, revising or drafting all legal documents (e.g. Memorandum of Understanding, Letter of Intent, three service agreements, Terms and Conditions etc.) pertaining to the project;
  • (d) Attending telephone calls or conferences, whether in-person or virtually, with eBRAM; and
  • (e) All incidental telephone calls or email advice.

For consideration to become the provider of legal services to eBRAM, qualified legal service provider/counsel(s) that could meet the above conditions are invited to submit their quotations to us by email: < >